Tips to enhance battery life in your Android smart phone

Has your android phone’s battery ever drained out completely at the most inconvenient time? Let us give you some useful tips to prevent such mishaps.

How to make most of your android’s battery:

The battery

  • You can prolong the usage of your android phone by replacing your battery with an original. Make sure that you also use original phone chargers.
  • Your android phone comes with a host of battery saving options. Make sure you poke around the settings to figure out what those are!

The screen – Android’s biggest battery guzzler

  • One way to save battery is to change your screen brightness manually to a low setting. You can increase the brightness to a level that is right for you when you are using the phone and turn it down again. You do not need the highest brightness level!
  • You can switch to darker themes for your phone and android apps.
  • Set your screen timeout to the absolute minimum as the longer your screen is on, the more it drains the battery
  • Remember to use a screen lock! Although this one is a no brainer, we might sometimes forget to use one on our android phones and end up wasting battery.

Syncing and Updates

  • Your phone tries to keep you up to date by syncing data across your apps like mail clients, to-do lists, notes etc. Make sure that you switch off auto-sync for apps that do not need it.
  • Choose to update your apps only when you want them by switching to a manual option. This would prevent your apps from updating every time you connect to a Wi-Fi / mobile data network.
  • On the other hand, make sure that you DO update your apps as often as you deem right to take advantage of new battery usage optimizations.

Connectivity & notifications

  • Make sure that you turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data when you are not using them. Bluetooth, NFC & GPS can be switched on only when they are required. Disconnecting from all these ‘networks’ completely also lets you relax!
  • Turning off notifications, especially at night, prevents the battery from draining when you are not using it.
  • Did you know that your android phone uses a tiny motor to generate vibrations? Turning off any vibration based feature saves battery.

‘Cool features’ that kill your android phone’s battery

  • Features like OK Google, voice search & air gestures are wonderful and very helpful. But do not use them more frequently than necessary.
  • Some of us love plastering android widgets all over the 15 screen panes that we use. Many of them just sit there unused, happily connecting to the internet when you least suspect. Get rid of as many widgets as you can.
  • Get into ‘Settings’ -> ‘Developer Options’-> click on each of ‘window animation scale’, ‘transition animation scale’, and ‘animator duration scale’ and select ‘Animation off’ to turn off any animations.

Do you have any more tips to save an android phone’s battery? Do share in the comments!Has your android phone’s battery ever drained out completely at the most inconvenient time? Let us give you some useful tips to prevent such mishaps.

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