Enterprise apps are the very heart and brain for any enterprise. It is one of the most imperative tools to ensure effortless operations in an organization. We live in an ever changing universe where everything evolves constantly in order to thrive. Enterprises are changing relentlessly, so is the enterprise app industry. The earlier phase of growth was driven by consumers’ app while the forthcoming revolutionary phase is likely to revolve around the enterprise app.

This article will provide you a thorough and conscious insight of the future of enterprise, and will lend a hand to explore the changing face of enterprise apps. To achieve this, we need to throw some light on the five key factors that act as main driving and influential force for the next generation of enterprise apps.

The glorious Hero and Soldier Apps- These are the two chief categories of the employee-facing mobile enterprise apps which more and more companies are embracing by each passing day. So, what are these? Let's explore.

Hero Apps are those which caters the business needs on a larger scale and in general. They are frequently in use without any specific task or function assigned to them. For instance Slack, WhatsApp, Email clients and so on.

While on other hand, Soldier Apps are those which are designed to perform a specific task, under the supervision of selected group of employees. For example, managing of data within an enterprise with the help of SPSS

The thrilling effect of Speed and Connectivity – The world of internet is growing by leaps and bounds, and in order to provide, better than ever before experience, speed and connectivity that internet offers are also modifying continuously. A high speed internet connection has all the power to perform the tedious task at a drop of hat. This is further going to increase by manifolds with the launch of 5G internet connections which is scheduled for coming 3-4 years.

Uber the magnificent mover- has re-defined the customer service experience. Customer oriented services including Uber and AirBnB have given a new horizon to the commercial world. With their mobile-first strategy, they have eased down their functioning as well as increased the customer satisfaction. It is giving a whole new resolution to many other enterprises.

Give it a personal touch with “Personalisation”- While we talk about effective app strategy and delivery, UX (user experience) is the primary thing which strike into our minds. The next generation of enterprise apps will pave their path under the high influence of personalisation. Presently, web and mobile advertising industry are only functioning on the basis of personalisation.

The highly-capable: Wearable- Though the initial impact of Wearable was of low grade, but in near future it is going to be one of the biggest influential factors for the corporate and industrial realm. New variety of interaction that wearable technology offers will bring fresh and innovative possibilities to further technological sections.

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