The circumstances of 2020 have reinforced the need for an accelerated digital transformation of the healthcare sector. The many digital technologies that will fuel the digital healthcare sector are compiled in this article.

Exploring AI in Digital Healthcare

The digital healthcare sector is expected to further deep dive into AI in the coming years. Artificial Intelligence powered tools shall help doctors in detecting diseases at an early stage (predictive analytics). AI is also used in chatbots for providing information and consultations to patients. AI is best suitable for areas such as precision medicine and medical imaging.

With AI, the treatments can be personalized considering the patient’s disease history, genetic makeup when applicable, and allergy information than subjecting the patient to blanket treatment.

Making best use of 5G

2021 is seeing a surge in hardware support for 5G communication from mobile handset manufacturers. 5G promises increased speed and reliability in data communication between devices. More details on the implementation of 5G here.

The healthcare sector could leverage this to its advantage by realizing remote diagnosis and treatments.

Wearable Health Monitors with extended feature list

Health parameters measured by wearable health monitors like smart watch has been increasing with every new release of the hardware. New addition to the list of features would be the 5G support. With 5G, health practitioners can reach distant patients easily and collect their vitals in real time. 

Person running with Health monitor

Blockchain for securing data records

The history of ailments and other private details of the patient is to be securely stored to prevent it from slipping into malicious hands. Blockchain continues to be the go-to technology to chart out what is called the electronic health records of the patients. Such health records ensure that patients receive a precise treatment considering their disease history. Here is more on Blockchain and its uses in the healthcare industry.

Digital Healthcare on Mobile

With the advent of apps like Practo that enable patients to know about the qualifications of available doctors, book an appointment and also get remote consultation, medical care is practically at the finger tips of the users.

Owing to the current circumstances where people refuse to step out unnecessarily, mobile healthcare is expected to get even more popular. 


Good and affordable healthcare should reach all individuals independent of their location. This is largely possible with the digitization of the healthcare sector. Implementing these technologies is a sure shot way to gain a firm foothold in the digital healthcare sector.