The supply chain managementtools and techniques make it possible for businesses to reduce errors and costs. With competition looming over every business, the margin of error within the supply chain management gets thinner every day. And here is supply chain management software to the rescue. Thanks to this software, it has now become easier for companies to avoid a disastrous situation. Let’s talk about some essential tools that make supply chain management software a must have for every business:

Order Processing Tools:

It is an important part of the supply chain and SCM software provides the right tools to make it easier and efficient. These tool support lot of order processing activities like sales, order management, order fulfillment, billing and pay on delivery. These tools automate the activities, capture data hence reducing the time and eliminating any need for manual intervention.

Lean Inventory:

This means to produce what is needed at the moment as per the current demand trend projected by the consumer. The earlier practice of creating goods in advance meant huge surpluses that resulted in massive looses and inefficiencies. Though such type of activity does not require a production tool, SCM can help it optimize better. It can be used to get demand forecasts, for planning production, supply of materials and much more to get be able to gain a better clarity into the future of the supply chain.

Warehouse Management:

SCM help manage day-to-day operation of a warehouse present at multi-locations. SCM can be customized has the ability to provide a wide range of capabilities as required by a company. It helps in managing key functions like logistics, product tracking, route planning, stock checking etc.

Shipping Status

Real-time alerts related to the shipping activities are shared throughout a product’s journey- right from the warehouse to the buyer. These help in rightly addressing issues that may arise during transit of the goods and enable the stakeholders to take appropriate action on time. These alerts about the status of the supply chain management can be even sent to handheld devices all throughout the day

Choose and SCM software that matches your business requirement. Having a efficient SCM software will propel your business to greater heights in this digital age.