Flutter framework is a cross-platform UI toolkit that is designed to allow code reuse across operating systems such as iOS and Android, while also allowing applications to interface directly with underlying platform services.

The development process for any product is the most critical aspect to consider apart from development within strict deadlines and product quality. It is crucial to have a streamlined process that guarantees the continuity and stability of the developed product. Due to its rising popularity and ease of the development process, app development has seen a paradigm shift from native to cross-platform development. This type of development process has allowed developers to design apps for Android, iOS and Windows simultaneously. With the use of the right tools and resources, users can find it challenging to differentiate among the three.

Most app developers today prefer to use a single code base to design apps since it is easier to work with and saves a lot of time during the development process without compromising on the quality of the application itself. Among the various successful cross-platform development tools, Flutter, an open-source mobile UI framework from Google has been a widely accepted app development platform because of its speed and lower crash rates. Flutter works with existing code to craft a beautiful, high-quality interface on android and iOS without compromising on quality, speed and performance. With Flutter many establishments across industries such as social networking, entertainment, health & fitness, sports etc., have successfully built and launched applications on multiple platforms.

Building Apps with Flutter: What expert developers have to say?

App development with Flutter framework as quoted by many expert developers and industry professionals is like a breeze. The documentation available helps new users quickly adapt to the platform and work with it efficiently while easing out the on-boarding process. The enthusiastic team of Flutter experts always assist during crash or malfunctioning and are available on Github, Stack Overflow and Google groups. 

Build Smarter: Benefits of using Flutter!

Since Flutter runs on a framework built with Dart and a rendering engine built with C++, it is relatively easy to get familiar with and offers a wide array of customizable options. The instant run feature in Flutter helps make changes to the code with immediate updates and the absence of flashing screens providing a great development experience. Since the code is easy to understand and flexible to work with most developers are opting for Flutter over native development platforms. The fast, smooth, and predictable UI as part of the Flutter code makes it more comfortable and hassle-free. The presence of adaptive widgets gives Flutter the ability to be deployed on multiple platforms. Flutter helps maintain extremely fast and confident release cycles and drastically reduces the time invested in app development.

3 unique features that make Flutter most sought after!

Hot Reload:  The hot reload feature helps developers experiment with various aspects of the app development process such as building UIs, fixing bugs, and adding various app features, etc. This feature is a result of the Dart code that Flutter is based on which can either be just-in-time compiled or ahead-of-time compiled. It allows developers to monitor changes to their code per second without restarting the app.

Widgets:Everything on the Flutter framework is a widget. Flutter helps build widgets from scratch incorporating all critical platform features such as scrolling, fonts, icons, and navigation to provide native performance on different platforms. These widgets help define structural & stylistic elements and aspects of the layout during app development. 

Built-in widgets: Flutter framework comes with premade design materials and Cupertino widgets. A feature that allows users to modify and customize as per their requirements to save time in building widgets from scratch during their app development. Flutter’s interactive widget catalog has several options that can be customized to build beautiful native apps. 

Flutter enabled Business Growth!

Google’s Flutter has helped businesses thrive since its introduction by-

- Reducing the app development time

- Providing customized, creative and innovative UI’s

- Guaranteeing indistinguishable native performance

- Ensuring easy integration with existing apps

The expertise in app development combined with multiple tested development methods has given rise to Google’s new agile UI toolkit, Flutter, that is becoming increasingly popular among expert professionals and upcoming businesses. 

Some of the Industry pioneers that have already adapted to Flutter for all their business apps are- Alibaba, Google Ads, AppTree, Hamilton Musical among many others!

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