2019 is going to be a year where we will be witnessing more developments and innovations. The precedent has already been set as 2018 was an exciting year in software development for several technologies. It is a known fact that technology trends fade in and out all the time, what’s hot now will be gone tomorrow. That’s how dynamic it is. With rapid developments and innovations, a business needs to be aware of the changing trends to be in a position to reap maximum benefits and thrive in the competitive business world.

The trends that we will discuss ahead, have already made their presence felt in 2018, going further these technologies are going to advance and dominate the upcoming years:

BlockChain Technology:

When we mention Blockchain, we are reminded of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. In reality, it is a technology that goes beyond it. Blockchain technology is a decentralized technology that eliminates the need or requirement of a middle person or system to carry out transactions or activities. It is a peer to peer network of interconnected computers which can store information accessible to all parties involved but can't be stolen or modified. It guarantees data security, reduces the cost of the intermediaries and supports the movement of large-scale transactions. With Blockchain being explored by major corporate players like Amazon, Microsoft and IBM, there is a lot more to see of it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

It had been a fascinating concept but now it is making a notable impact. With technology moving ahead at a breakneck speed, we seem to have more power over every electronic device we hold. Digital transformation has become a core part of business strategies for corporates in today’s time, citing AI has the key driver for this. According to a research, AI-derived business value is expected to touch $ 3.9 trillion dollars by 2022. In 2019, AI will be used by almost 40% of businesses to automate their processes.

Progressive Web Application (PWAs):

PWA is when the website or web pages looks and acts like conventional apps. This technology was reported as a trend in 2017 but it is likely to see more demand in the upcoming year. It provides the user with the benefits of mobile experience along with the features of browser technology.


As businesses grow and technology prospers, there are certain security incidents that have been reported over the years. As per Forbes, the global cybersecurity market is fueled by an array of technology trends and is expected to reach $ 170 billion by 2020. Protecting data loss and leakages are some of the major concerns faced by businesses of all sizes. With them looking towards a solution to tackle the menace, this opens a new path of opportunities for a web development company.