What is a Hybrid Mobile App?

Hybrid app development services refer to the applications that can operate across a range of mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows etc. Hybrid Mobile Apps developers use CSS, Html, and JavaScript, in combination with the native platform provided by a mobile operating system. Usually, many mobile applications are built using native tools of a specific OS, hence we describe them as native apps. These apps can’t work on other mobile OS. For example, an android app can’t work on an iOS device and vice-versa. But, on the other side, a hybrid app can work on both devices; which is the main difference between native and hybrid apps. Hybrid Mobile Apps basically use the WebView facility to access the particular features of an operating system.  Hybrid apps are considered as a combination of native applications and web applications. Technology is booming in every corner of the world.  We all are the victim of the Digital revolution, or to be more specific, we can consider it as a  Smartphone revolution. Mobile apps have been proved as the game changers in the today’s world.  They are bridging the gap between the end customer and a business organization. Enterprise apps are emerging as a useful tool in rendering the services of an organization to its customers.

Benefits of choosing Hybrid Mobile Apps for Your Small Business.


Hybrid apps are designed and developed to work on different operating systems. Which is why we don't have to pay for coding and designing again & again. There is no need to add extra code and design patterns, for the same functionality across the different systems.

-Resource Availability

As mentioned above, app developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop these applications. These technologies are easily available and accessible online. Even a newbie mobile app developer can learn and develop with ease. To learn and develop hybrid apps, there is no need to invest a huge amount of time, energy and money in training sessions.


These mobile applications are easy to maintain. Developers have to choose the just right framework for developing an app. Some popular frameworks are Jquery, PhoneGap, Xamarin, Ionic and kendoUI. They are easy to upgrade and offer low maintenance services.

-Speed advantage

Hybrid mobile apps offer more speed than other native apps. Often they use fewer graphics and animations, and they don’t reload the data, again and again. Apps are ready to run on poor connectivity, hence the user can access the service in fast mode.

-Ease in Scaling

Hybrid mobile apps also are known as cross-platform applications. They are designed and developed to cope with diverse platforms and operating systems.  Comparing with native apps, they are easier to scale because of the framework and technology they use.   Initially, when Facebook was a small company, they used hybrid development technology to launch the app.  Nowadays, hybrid development is in more advanced state and can be used more effectively to support a small business.