Agriculture contributes to 18% of India’s GDP with over 60% of the Indian population working in this industry; and the culture of India too, reserves a special place for the farmers who sow the seeds of hard work, reap the crop with sweat & blood and feed the masses without any inhibitions. But what is the state of lives of our Indian farmers? Unfortunately, the scene isn’t very good. A majority of this population lacks economic independence; they even lack the education and knowledge that can help them attain holistic growth.

Time and again, individuals & organisations have tried to help farmers in ways more than one, through means of their own. Kind hearted benefactors support through donations, scientists guide through their inventions, and industries help by creating products that help farmers.  We, at Pace Wisdom too, believe that it is our duty to participate and contribute to the agricultural sector in any way possible. And our way of offering assistance is through ‘AgriApp’- the smart farming app for Indian agriculture.

When the team of Bangalore based company, Agriapp Technologies Inc. approached us wanting to build an app that could bridge the information gap and keep farmers update with the latest trends and technologies in the agricultural sector, our solutions team dived in enthusiastically, and built a roadmap for the product after conducting a deep analysis of the requirement. Following a lot of detailing and planning, we delivered the AgriApp in 12 Indian languages including English, so that more and more farmers could access, understand and benefit from the information provided in the app. The app can be downloaded on play store (

AgriApp is a freely-downloadable android based mobile application created as a comprehensive knowledge base for farmers. The app is designed with the option of chatting with industry experts and obtaining crop advisory services apart from providing information on best farming practices, crop production, crop protection, crop calendar planning and timely reminders and farming news. The app also provides a mobile commerce platform acting as a common digital medium for farmers, vendors of agricultural inputs, retailers & fulfilment services to exchange products and services. 

AgriApp focuses on building a strong agricultural ecosystem where the farmers benefit without exploiting the nutrients in the land and keeping the soil healthy. Some of the prominent features of AgriApp are-

M-commerce (Buy crop solutions) where farmers are encouraged to buy solutions for their farming needs and inputs for Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach are provided.


POP’s (Complete information from sowing till harvesting) to explore the science and art of agriculture. The Package of Practices can be referred whenever and wherever the user wishes to, to understand the factors of production leading to profitable agriculture.

Crop Calendar (Timely reminders for smart farming)  offering the schedule of operations for the planned crop on a real time basis, enabling farmers to address critical crop events at the right stage.

Chat with Experts (Agro advisory from agricultural experts) through messages, videos or images to get advice and remedies with regard to soil health, nutritional deficiency, pest management and more. News and Videos (Latest information about agricultural practices) focussing on recent trends and innovative happenings from around the world for sustainable agriculture.

Multilingual Assistance (Available in 12 Indian languages including English) helping farmers raise concerns, understand solutions & products, and benefit from them in their own native language.

Involvement of agricultural experts helps provide accurate strategic agricultural information to farmers and reduce the information gap, thus enabling farmers to make use of technology-enabled methods for production and marketing of agricultural produce. The app has helped thousands of farmers adopt efficient technological practices in farming, thereby finding enriched quality in the produce, and gradually, substantial development in their lives.

With more than 2.5 lakh downloads till date, AgriApp has been helping farmers throughout India by providing information and updates regarding best practises and new technologies in agriculture. Thousands of satisfied and joyous users have provided fantastic reviews about the app. Many farmers and agriculture enthusiasts have rated the  app with 5 stars and have also lauded the app for providing very useful and extensive information about crops, detailed descriptions of products and how to use them and the prompt assistance received on the app, and they have also pointed that the app is an effective and safe place for commercial dealing of farming-based products.