Mobile E-commerce is at its peak leading to increased demands of e-commerce mobile apps. Everyone finds their comfort in buying products online and making easy online payments. E-commerce apps and smartphones have influenced the buying habits of all people. As per survey 62% of Smartphone users made an online purchase using their mobile device in the last 6 months. 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to check the product reviews, compare the prices, or find alternative store locations. In 2016, online shopping was up by 45%. This means that e-commerce stores will see more sales than an online store. Here are a few features that will enhance your online presence and attract more customers which are missed by popular e-commerce mobile apps.  

Amazing User Experience

There are abundant of applications as of now in the market. On the off chance that you need your clients to be happy with your application, at that point you have given your clients a stunning background. They should discover your highlights and the experience one of a kind. For your application to emerge from the opposition it is imperative that you give them incentive to their chance and cash by giving them answers for their issues, enhanced productivity and some more.  

Push Notifications

Push Notification is a vital component for the accomplishment of a web based business versatile application. Push Notification upgrades client engagement as it informs the clients regarding advancements, offers, and exceptional rebates. This will scale up your deals and show signs of improvement benefits.  

Social login

Your online networking account has turned into your character on account of "social login." You would now be able to approve your personality through your Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Yahoo accounts on a plenty of applications. Also, it's no big surprise this has taken off as a pattern. 86% of clients report that they feel troubled by making new profiles. What's more, this is incredible for you as a business. It implies that you can access individuals' online networking data. What's more, they offer it to you openly when utilizing social login. Also, you can use this by sending non-intrusive warnings or coupons to them utilizing this data.  

Supports Multiple Payment Options

You may go over a client who needs to a few things from your application, yet in the event that he can't discover the payment alternatives he normally utilizes, subsequently he will leave the procedure fragmented. This will acquire a drop your deals. Henceforth having an application that has all the installment choices will build your deals.  

Seamless checkout

Retailers can likewise drive deals changes by making more consistent checkout encounters that expel the need to hold up in a long queue. Cell phones open up a wide range of conceivable outcomes for how individuals can pay — whether it's paying ahead of time and grabbing in-store, or a versatile registration whereby customers stroll into a store, check in with their telephone, pick the things they need purchase, and leave the store. Versatile checkout is likewise a chance to connect with customers in different routes, for example, exhibiting proposals, suggestions and tips that can prompt greater trucks.  

Google Analytics

On the off chance that you need to gauge your application's full esteem then you then you should have Google Analytics for your web based business application. It will help in discovering what clients are more pulled in to and what they are purchasing more and why, helping you to make your application fruitful in this intense rivalry.