The bottle is a simple Python micro-framework that includes minimal tools (routing, templating, and a small abstraction over WSGI) and will be useful for developers looking for flexibility or people who want to build something really simple.

Python is an excellent language for web programming due to its flexibility and high-level functionality. Web frameworks can make programming web applications much simpler because they connect many of the components necessary for a robust web interface.

While some web structures endeavor to give everything that a client should need to use to build up an application, others attempt to remain off the beaten path while dealing with the vital, hard to actualize issues. The jug is a Python structure that falls into the second classification. In specialized term, It (source code) is a WSGI-consistent single source record web system with no outside conditions other than the Python standard library (stdlib) or  Bottle framework is a quick, basic and lightweight WSGI miniaturized scale web-structure for Python. It is amazingly lightweight, yet makes it simple to create applications rapidly. It is appropriated as a solitary record module and has no conditions other than the Python Standard Library.

Main features of Bottle

Routing: requests dispatching, so provide clean and dynamic URL-routes for mapping. Use simplified syntax or regular expressions for URL parameters. The single file which runs with both Python 2.5+ and 3.x.

WSGI: is the Web Server Gateway Interface framework and work with CGI and WSGI internals is easy. It can also run as a standalone web server or be used behind ("mounted on") any web server which supports WSGI


Integrated template engine called SimpleTemplate Engine is fast (fast and pythonic built-in template engine) and built for Python users. There is support for mako, jinja2 and cheetah templates.


There is worked in HTTP advancement server and support for glue, Bjoern, wsgiref.simple_server (default), fapws3, flup, cherrypy, Google App Engine or some other WSGI proficient HTTP server. Support for JSON customer information (for REST and JavaScript customers).

Speed optimizations:

There are quick static courses (single direct query) and much of the time utilized courses are tried first. Stage particular elite record transmission offices, for example, the Unix sendfile(), are bolstered too. relies upon wsgi.file_wrapper given by WSGI-Server execution.

Should I use Bottle for web development?

The bottle web framework  is awesome for a few web development situations:
  •    Prototyping ideas
  •    Learning how web frameworks are built
  •    Building and running simple personal web applications


Prototyping basic thoughts are frequently simpler with Bottle than a more stubborn web system like Django on the grounds that Django ventures begin with a lot of standard code. The Model-View-Template structure for Django applications inside undertakings makes keeping up ventures less demanding, yet it tends to be lumbering on starter ventures where you're simply toying with arbitrary thoughts so you aren't stressed over your application's long-haul code structure.

Learning about frameworks

The Python bottle template is contained inside a solitary expansive source document named, so it gives extraordinary perusing when figuring out how WSGI web systems function. All that you have to find out about how your web application's code interfaces with the Bottle structure is contained inside that solitary source code.

Personal projects

Individual tasks can be sent with Bottle as the main reliance. In the event that you've never played out a Python web application sending previously, the number of ideas and steps can be overwhelming. By bundling with your application's source code, you can skirt a portion of the means to all the more effortlessly get your web application up and running.