Node.js is prevalently turning into the favored condition to create web applications in contrast with others like Java and .Net. It interfaces with JavaScript, in this manner permits the best understanding of customer and server-side programming. Likewise, the speed with which node.js works is high. This component has made it a favored situation to create server-side scripting. Let us likewise view why node.js is favored than JAVA or .NET.

1) Node.js does not utilize the idea of multithreading like JAVA and this element permits bother free programming properties. Yet, it uses the idea of non-concurrent execution of Input yield based occasions through a string pool.

2) Dissimilar to JAVA, node.js is very basic and doesn't infer with the idea of multithreading. This makes programming on the Node.js very simple. Here you don't need to manage diverse sorts of info and yield which will be executed no concurrently.

3).NET is a standout amongst the most prevailing dialects for designers to work with, till node.js appeared. With the presence of Node.js, it is very certain that node.js can make most out of any CPU it will take a shot at on the grounds that they are considerably more proficient on intensely I/O bound tasks.

4) Node.js has demonstrated to work over cloud conditions and customer virtual machines however committed programming. Individuals with involvement in JavaScript can without much of a stretch get Node.js to deliver unmistakable outcomes. Center Node.js contents can play out the business rationale directly at the server-side.

5) At the point when Java turned out, it was outstanding amongst other dialects, in light of the fact that with fewer codes contrasted with C and C++ we could perform more occupations. Presently with the salary of node.js, it is very certain that Java is abandoned with regards to coding minimization. Node.js likewise has an open-source library for its locale of clients, and everybody is allowed to utilize the same, and that is the thing that open-source implies.

6) Contrasting on the elements of dialect and bundle, node.js utilizes less coding to perform assignments when contrasted with Java and .Net. It likewise wins on open source libraries however they are most determined on networks around.

7) Nobody likes to compose a similar code over and over, and node.Js takes care of the issue by giving the upside of re-utilizing the code over and over. This element is a significant huge hit with regards to designers, and this may be the key purpose for Node.js in getting to be well known.

8) Node.js ventures are demonstrated to arrange inside a couple of minutes. The vast majority of the Node.js test cases are effortlessly accessible accordingly giving code re-utilize plausibility and highlight sharing for different comparative subjects and applications. Node.js is an unmistakable victor while controlling stack flood in server-side scripting.

9) Contrasting Node.js and JAVA or .Net totally depends on a client's need and the product configuration to be constructed. Different components should be considered before concluding on the product to be utilized. The reality of the matter is that Node.js performs better and considerably quicker contrasted with Java or .Net.