Usually working on a Mobile App we follow a color palette which is given as the guideline from the UI/UX experts from our design team. For this, they create a color palette that ranges from  8 to 12 colors. By processing the hex color with the help of the design guidelines document then it became easier for the developers to use the color picker in Xcode. However, it’s not the most challenging task in the developer's job.  But, it will also offer them a golden chance of increasing their skills and follow some best practices. Before starting a project, it is advisable to fix a color scheme which will allow you the quick and easy access to colors without concentrating on the hex value or recently used values by having a fixed color scheme. This also secures you from choosing a wrong color shade which sometimes can become very annoying during the review of the app. .

How to use it?

So, Dear Xcode Developers, First of all you have to open the color picker in Xcode and then select your color. When you select the color then you will be provided a preview of each color in the bottom left corner. Now, you just have to drag the previewed color and then drop it onto the smaller cubes row.  By following all these steps, it will become easier for us to proceed to the next steps. If you already used the particular color then you can reorient the previous color with your desirable new color. It is suggested that you can substitute all those color with which you have already worked. When you select all those color which you need then please move forward to the third lab of the color picker. Finally, we have reached to that platform where we can construct a palette of color. For the creation of new palette, it is advisable to click on the cog/setting button. Once you've created and named your new palette then simply drag and drop the colors which you need. further, you can choose the color from the bottom list. When you will select and create your new palettes then named it and again drag those colors which you need and drop them to the bottom with their specific name allocated by you because at one time, you may need them in your project as per your requirement and then it will be able for you to prefer them in your project. Disadvantages: The most annoying part about Xcode is that if in case there will be color change during the project then you have to update the whole palette instead of updating the colors from your xib/ nib files. There is also not an option of replacing the default color palette which usually used by Xcode. Along with this, i didn't found the whole by-pass of the color picker.