The role of UX designer or UX consultant has become apparent in last couple of years as people have started investing in diversified digital services. Making the application or website enjoyable is as important as to make it functional. If you are a graphic designer, and you are having an interest to make your application or website more appealing to users, than UX design is the right career move for you. Following is the example of such UX designer that shows effectively only in one picture about what the designer is doing & why the designer should be hired.
How to Change Your Career from Graphic Design to UX Design? - Pace Wisdom
Following are some tips that you can expedite to change your career from Graphic Design to UX design

Reflect on your interests:-

First of all, you need to know that why you would want to opt for a career change. Especially, which is the area that lures you and you have a expertise to work in the area because UX design is inclusive of various dimensions such as computer science, psychology, communication that are beyond visual designs. Being a would be UX designer, you need to completely carry out your homework. That will be giving you a sense of clarity to the extent where you can excel your career in UX design.

Think and practice like a UX designer:-

You need to learn and practice the information that includes the UX design services. UX design is a process that requires a lot of exploration to understand the view point as far as knowing and using the product. You need to envision the product, practice the same, try various combinations of visual designs, coding to explore, etc. You need to focus on multi-disciplinary approach in order to enhance your skill.

Start networking and learning:-

Being a UX designer, you need to have excellent people skills. Networking will be helpful for you to improve your social skills. You can get in touch with various UX designers & consultants of the industry and check with them about the pertaining demand of the industry along with need of the clients. You can even subscribe to the professional newsletter available on the professional network sites and community sites to know and accordingly learn.  You can focus on potential mentor that can be advantageous for your career growth.

Work on your strengths:-

Choose the specific areas of UX designs in order to enhance your specialization. Carry out the research in areas such as visual design or information architects etc. and accordingly identify & work on your strengths.

Build the  strong UX design portfolio:-

It is important to get the experience in terms of switching your career. You can apparently focus on taking the various projects to build your knowledge and experience. This shall be helpful to build your interest in the same. The various projects will enhance your skills and shall help you to understand the current demand of the industry.