The Corona crisis has undoubtedly caused massive pain, grief and loss across the world, but it has also most certainly unveiled the humanitarian, empathetic nature of many. One such story was created by the Telangana based company HESA Global through its app ( As a result of the lock down, obtaining food and essentials became a huge problem for majority households; and to address this issue, the team of HESA Global came up with the idea of an app facilitating grocery purchases and supply from the comfort of home in the city of Hyderabad. Unlike most others, My Hesa app available for download on Google Play Store (, offers bundle options for essentials and food products, thereby reducing ordering time along with offering good discounts to customers on their purchases. 

Since its incorporation, HESA Global has strived to provide affordable and effective urban/ rural marketing solutions to companies of various sizes and types and has succeeded too. With the My Hesa app, the company took a step towards serving the general public directly. When the team approached us with the idea of this app and the urgency to serve during the times of COVID-19 crisis, we were more than accepting about the task. Our enthusiastic team of professionals dedicatedly engaged in the project with all their heart and might, and delivered the app in just ONE WEEK! We take pride in our work and our team, and our meagre contributions. 

The combined efforts of Hesa Global and Pace Wisdom paid off when the app became a hit among Hyderabadis. Hesa app promises express delivery, finest quality and competitive prices on groceries, vegetables and essentials, and the 100% 5 star reviews received by the app speaks for the app’s truthfulness and success. Most reviewers have spoken about the simplicity, reliability and user friendly nature of the app. The reviews also mention that this app has turned out to be a saviour in times of the COVID crisis. 

However, there is more to this app than just sales and delivery. The team of Hesa Global, seeing the monstrosity of hunger, came up with a fundraiser campaign to help the needy in the slums of Hyderabad. This campaign is helping many needy people who are suffering from lack of groceries/ food for their daily needs; this has helped the slum dwellers in feeding the children and aged in their houses instead of letting them starve to death. The aim of the campaign is to reach over one lakh families, and hence there is a need or donations.

We, at Pace Wisdom, are honoured to be a technology partner to HESA- a business that wants to make an impact on people's lives. Join the campaign and contribute your bit and help the fundraiser in any way you can. More information here: